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Jerome the Gnome

We Share the Magic - Community and Entertainment Marketing

Jerome the Gnome is HomeLife's ambassador to family, community, fun and entertainment. At HomeLife, we believe that the spirit of childhood, a spirit of curiosity, hope, wonder and achievement, is part of who we are. Jerome, a century's old gnome, with the wisdom of an elder, but the heart of a child, perfectly symbolizes this spirit. Jerome's songs, dances, pureness of heart and dedicated fund raising brings happiness to everyone he encounters. Jerome also acts a HomeLife's connection to individual families and communities, allowing us to stay in touch with clients past and present, while also uniting us with new clients for the future. Jerome, working on the behalf of HomeLife Sales Representatives, can be found anywhere he can be supportive and helpful to others, including community barbeques, charity fund raisers, hospitals and grade school fairs.


Gnomes are the mystical beings of a legendary race endowed with exceptional vision and heightened human sensitivities. Their task is to provide assistance to all living things. Gnomes symbolize integrity, honesty and hard work.


Jerome has become a celebrity to people across North America. He is a magical and untiring worker for the human race, raising funds for worthy causes, establishing scholarship programs for youth, championing the rights of children and bringing joy to the hearts of everyone he meets. It's no wonder he is so well-loved by toddlers and seniors alike.


Jerome has chosen to do his work through HomeLife Realty Offices and Representatives. Because HomeLife is committed to giving back to the Community.


Jerome will give your home a huge Marketing Advantage. In today's competitive market, presentation is more important than ever before. To make a difference, you must first have a difference. This instantly recognizable celebrity and much-loved character will be happy to endorse your listing, appear in your advertising and make personal appearances at your Open House.
Now that gets attention! What's more, HomeLife Representatives bring Jerome's philosophy of honesty, integrity and hard work to their own tasks. It is even said that Jerome lends them a little of his magic, which explains why they're able to achieve so much more for their clients.
Jerome gives HomeLife the Magic Touch-
It's what everyone's looking for!

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