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Surrey real estate 101: Should I sell my house before buying another?

Surrey real estate

Everyone’s situation is different when they decide to sell their house.

With a booming Surrey real estate market, many homeowners are looking to upgrade to a newer, bigger house before it’s too late.

To know if you should sell your house first before buying a new one, you need to determine whether this is a good idea, especially with prized Surrey real estate.

In order to do this, you will need to consider your plans, and whether these plans will continue to work of you choose to do this. 

When asking yourself the question, “Should I sell my house first before buying a new one?” think about the complexity of such a process before committing to one choice or the other.

Here is what you should consider when determining if you want to sell your home first, or wait until you have already made a down payment on a second home before selling the first one.

You Will Need to Put Items and Belongings in Storage

Assuming that you are not renting a temporary home, you will most likely be moving into a motel, hotel, or apartment if you sell your house before buying a new one. This means that you will need to downgrade your living space. 

When selling your home in this fashion, make sure that you have rented adequate storage space to house your belongings. This is most likely your only option regarding storage space. It is practically impossible for most people to take all of their belongings in their house and redistribute them in a small 1 or 2 room apartment.

You Will Need to Have a Housing Plan for Surrey Real Estate

Temporary housing is expensive, even if you rent an apartment, due to the value of Surrey real estate. Surrey is a prime section of real estate. As such, renting month to month is always more expensive because the landlord is uncertain how long you will be staying. Landlords need their apartments permanently filled if they want their housing units to make money. 

It is all well and good if you want to sell your house first before buying a new one. However, in order to save money in the long-term, make sure that you schedule the sell date and the buy date as close as possible to each other. 

Uncertainty, especially when it comes to housing, is not a good thing to have. You can reduce your uncertainty regarding Surrey real estate, even if you are selling your home without buying another one, by creating a housing plan. Set milestone dates for yourself based on the approximate date when you plan to have a new home. 

The HomeLife Difference

HomeLife Cloverdale is dedicated to helping you find the best home selling solution for your goals. We have helped clients, not only in Surrey, but Cloverdale as well, sell their housing and Cloverdale real estate with ease. No matter the housing situation, we can help. Contact us if you want to sell your house first before buying a new one.

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