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How to Sell Lots and Houses in the New Westminster Real Estate Market

Selling a lot and house is different than simply selling a house. If you want to sell both, this is the article for you. In this article, we will answer the question, “Where can I sell my house and lot?”

We will take you through the process of selling both a lot and house, and explain various parts of the process as we go. Let’s get started!

Priorities Matter with New Westminster Real Estate

Interested buyers who are looking for houses with lots are mostly going to care about location. The lot in this case is actually more important than the house! The average homeowner, by contract, will be more interested in the interior and exterior appearances and functionality of the house. When it comes to selling a house and lot, a buyer will hold off on buying the house and lot (even though the house is great) if the lot’s location is less than stellar!

This is not really something that you can control, so it is best not to worry about it. 

However, you can make your house and lot more appealing to these types of buyers.

How to Prepare Your House and Lot for Interested Buyers

Contact a real estate agency that specializes in selling houses and lots. They will be better positioned to help you than any real estate agent or online marketplace. There are a few differences that make selling a house and lot a bit different than selling just a house. Generally, the process will take longer. In addition, you are facing a smaller market. There simply are not as many people looking for houses and lots than just houses.

Consider preparing your lot for sale. If you want to sell your lot to a developer for instance, you may want to consider razing the lot. If a buyer does not have to hire a demolitions crew to prepare the lot for repurposing, he or she may be interested in purchasing your lot. 

You can also contract a landscaping crew to make the lot more attractive. Pulling out weeds, planting fresh grass, and levelling the land are all things you can do to make your New Westminster real estate more attractive. This, of course, is subjective. Some buyers may like this approach. Other buyers may be indifferent.

You can also talk to your neighbors. See if they are selling their homes as well. A package of 2 or 3 lots may be enough to entice a buyer, rather than having to purchase 1 lot at a time.

Once you, or your real estate agent, finds a buyer, the process is simple. Your agent will coordinate the sale with your buyer. Your buyer will pay the agent, who will take his or her commission, and then pass the rest of the money back to you.

HomeLife Cloverdale has been helping families buy and sell their homes in the New Westminster real estate market for many years. The process is streamlined, our agents are profession and dedicated to getting you the highest price they can. For more information, contact us. Let’s sell your house and lot today.

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