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How Do I Receive My Money After Selling My House for Sale in Surrey?

A common question many first-time homeowners ask themselves is “When I sell my house, how do I get the money?”

For anyone not knowledgeable about the real estate selling process, or anyone choosing to sell their house for sale in Surry themselves, this can be a common question asked of real estate professionals. It is also an important question to answer, which we will do below. 

In this post, you will learn the different common methods of collecting payment for your house, whether you choose to do it yourself or go through a real estate agency. Luckily, the process is simple, and you will not have to wade through any sort of complex process in order to get paid!


Getting paid by check is a traditional method. Whether the buyer is paying you directly, or whether you are working with a real estate agent or agency, this is a great way to get paid for your house for sale in Surrey. Once the check clears, you can have the title ownership transferred to the new owner. 

Wire Transfer

If you are located in another country once your house is sold, or you simply want to be reimbursed for your home as quickly as possible, a wire transfer is a great idea. Wire transfers can be completed at any bank or money transfer company, and you can be paid from anywhere in the world. If you choose this method of payment, make sure that the money transfer fees are separate from the sale of the commission, and that the buyer pays them. 

Bank Deposit

If you are staying local and are selling your house for sale in Surrey, a wire transfer is unnecessary. A bank deposit can be done quickly as well. You can track the funds online and, once you receive confirmation from your bank that your account has your commission in it, great! This is a great way to be paid by a buyer, because you can check it online, even if you are not near your local bank branch at the time.

Online Payment

Online payments are very popular now. Companies like PayPal and Stripe are very trustworthy and many people have accounts. If you have an online account, you may want to receive your funds this way. You can attach a bank account or credit card to transfer your funds eventually into more mainstream, brick and mortar, banking accounts. 

Using a Real Estate Agent or Agency

If you use an agency, or even a lone real estate agent, the buyer will pay them, not you. Once the real estate agent or agency receives their agreed-upon commission, the agent or agency will send you your money in the form of a check, wire transfer, bank deposit, or online payment for the remaining amount. You can negotiate over the type of payment medium used with your agent or agency prior to commissioning them to sell your home. 

The HomeLife Advantage

HomeLife Cloverdale can help you sell your house for sale in Surrey. We excel in servicing clients, so receive your payment for your home will be simple, and fast! Contact us to learn more about selling your home.

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