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Houses for sale in Surrey: “Who Can Help Me Sell Mine?”

Selling a home can be tough, especially if you have never sold a home before or are new to the Surrey real estate market. 

You may be thinking, “Who can help me sell my house?”

However, with expert guidance from a professional real estate agency, you too can sell your home. 

To learn why you should contract a real estate agent to help you sell your home, you should learn what the process is like, from start to finish. Once you grasp the complexities of selling a home, you will realize that real estate professionals, and their agencies, are worth every penny. By hiring professionals on commission, you save so much time, money, and effort, that you can better put into pursuing your plans after selling your home, like moving, starting that new job, or retiring.


The Process

The first step is to choose a listing agent. A listing agent is a representative who will act as your proxy while you are selling your home. The listing agent should have a fiduciary responsibility, which means they will look out for your financial interests over all others. 

The second step is to get your home properly appraised. A professional real estate agent can do this for you. A proper appraisal keeps in mind the Surrey real estate market, the price of homes in your area, and the specifics of your house. If you want, you can increase the appraised value of your home by adding renovations.

The third step is to prepare your home. This will mean not only cleaning the house, but adding any renovations and improvements you need and want. You should also get the house professionally inspected, as prospective buyers will be interested in that. Professional real estate agents will be able to assist you in making your home look its best!

The fourth step is to market your home. You can market your home, both online and offline. Real estate agents can help get your home listed in property listings. One of the first property listings prospective buyers check are those maintained by professional real estate agencies.  

The fifth step is to open your home to prospective buyers. Your real estate agent will guide them through the home, and act as the intermediary between you and your prospective buyer. 


When You Absolutely Need an Agent

These are the basic steps to sell your home. Of course, there are a bunch of legal steps to be completed, as well as tons of paperwork. Those too, are better handled by real estate agents who have years, if not decades, of experience filling out the same paperwork time and time again. Don’t leave your paperwork to chance, especially legal documents like deeds, leases, and contracts.


The HomeLife Advantage

If you live in the Langley and Cloverdale area, and you want a professional to help you sell your home, contact HomeLife Cloverdale today. We can help you sell your home quickly, efficiently, and easily, thanks to decades of knowledge and experience regarding houses for sale in Surrey that we pass down to you during the home selling process.

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