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Real Estate Q&A: Who Is Best to Sell My House?

Every day, millions of home owners decide they want to sell their house and move. The thought, however, of selling a home can be daunting. From the piles of paperwork required to the need to understand how real estate contracts work, itis a lot of work.

Often times, homeowners find themselves thinking, "Who is best to sell my house?"

Realtors act as middlemen between you and the buyer. With a realtor by your side, filling out paperwork will be a breeze, finding a buyer will happen faster, and you will be able toget a better price for your home.

The job of a realtor is to simplify the process of selling your home. Here is why you should consider a realtor when it comes to selling your home.


Why You Need a Realtor

1. They Have Experience

The best realtors are often the most experienced. They will know all the local laws and bylaws, have extensive experience discussing conditions of sale and drawing up real estate contracts, and, most importantly, will be available.  

The most experienced realtors know that showing up and being available is their biggest advantage to closing a sale.

2. Sell Your Home Faster  

A great realtor is worth every penny. With their knowledge and experience, you will be able to hit the ground running and sell your home fast. They will guide you through every step of the process of selling your home.

Think of hiring a realtor like hiring a school tutor. Studying by yourself, it might take you twice or three times as long to learn academic materials. However, with a tutor, you are given direction and advice.  

The same is true of a great realtor. A realtor will help you complete the process of selling your home faster.

3. Get More for Your Home

Great realtors will have extensive experience pricing homes. They will be able to walk through your home and set a price on your home in its current state. The more experienced realtors will even suggest light to moderate renovations that can greatly drive up the price of your home.  

If you set the price on your home by yourself, you may underprice it. A realtor is worth every penny, and the difference between undervaluing your home and quoting an accurate price can be more than what you pay a real estate agency. You can actually make money by hiring a realtor!

4. Paperwork

Every line, checkbox, and margin, counts on the paperwork. Failing to fill out a section, or even filling out a section incorrectly, can come back to haunt you.  

Beyond being tiresome, especially if you do not like to fill out paperwork, hiring a realtor to do the paperwork for you will free up your time and help you sell your house faster.

HomeLife Cloverdale serves the Langley and Cloverdale real estate markets.We are familiar with the entire home-selling process, and can help you sell your home faster, and for more money. If you are considering selling your home, contact us.

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