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Real Estate Q&A: “Where Can I Sell My House Online for Free?”

Are you thinking, “Where can I sell my house online for free?”

Everyone wants to sell their home online for free, after all, free is an attractive word.

But when it comes to selling your home, is free really what you want?

Many homeowners dread the thought of paying closing fees, but do they really know what those closing fees are covering?
It may seem like an attractive option to sell your home on your own, or list it online for free. We often recommend our clients against that for several reasons that we will outline below.

1.    Lack of Real Estate Network
One of the main reasons why it is beneficial to list with a major real estate company is the fact that they have built extensive networks of home sellers and buyers in their respective communities.
When you list it online, you may get a little bit of traction, a few likes and shares, but you are missing a huge opportunity to market your home to a wider audience.
Think of it like this: would you rather your family share it on Facebook to a small pool of uninterested people or a real estate company share it on their network with thousands of targeted individuals.
The answer is fairly simple and one of the main reasons why you should always seek the help of a realtor when it comes to selling your house. Some fees are worth paying, especially if your realtor is able to sell your house above the set asking price.

2.    Real Estate Paperwork
Selling a house involves doing a lot of paperwork. Would you rather sell your house with a trusted professional who understands and can guide you through the paperwork, or on your own?
Maybe you can make sense of it all, but sometimes a little reassurance is worth paying extra for. There is nothing more annoying than having a deal held up because of missed forms and signatures, improperly filled out paperwork, or the dreaded scenario where you make a major and costly mistake.
When you list and sell your home for free, you have to take care of all of the paperwork on your own. In most cases, you will still hire a lawyer and notary to finalize your documents. 
In the end, you aren’t really saving that much by selling without a realtor, but you are lacking a lot of expertise.

3.    It’s Time Consuming
If you decide to sell your house on your own, be prepared to sink a lot of time into trying to sell your home.
In a normal situation, your closing fees cover all the time your real estate agent spent selling your home. Without a real estate agent, all that effort falls on you. Marketing your home is a full-time job and one that can be incredibly difficult if you work a demanding job.

Leave the Hard Work to Us
HomeLife Cloverdale is here to help you sell your home. Don’t leave the sale of your home up to chance by listing it for free. Instead, list with a trusted real estate firm that knows how the Langley and Cloverdale real estate markets work. We have the connections and we are ready to help you get top dollar for your home.


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